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2011 Desert Classic Area II Championship

 Images from the 2011 Desert Classic USPSA Area II Championship are now online. Congratulations to Eddie Garcia of Team Cameron’s Custom Guns for his Overall and Open class wins.

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Pardon my dust

I am in the middle of revamping my website — I have only a few galleries showing on this site at the moment. For current work please see my other site at Gun Stock Photos.

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Love Hot Rods

One of my passions is Hot Rods. I just recently sold my ’56 Chevy Pickup Street Rod and am looking forward to a new project soon. Check out the Hot Rod gallery for a small sample of Hot Rod photography.

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Gerber Knife

Commissioned work for Gerber used in a series of product videos.

Old West

I recently attended 2010 SASS Winter Range Championship. Here are a few images that I made while I was there. An article appears on covering the event.

Photographing Extreme Sports

As you can see from my photo galleries one of the subjects that I cover frequently is Action Shooting Sports. It could be argued that these sports fit into the Extreme Sport category although they have among the best safety record of any sport short of possibly badminton or ping-pong. Even so because real guns with live ammunition are being used some would say it’s an extreme sport. I agree that it is an extreme sport not…

Caution! Your New Camera May Cost You Dearly

The hidden cost of mega-pixels

The Mega-Pixel wars are upon us. Camera manufacturers sling about the Mega-Pixelosity of their latest models luring buyers in with promises of photo excitement, living the mega-cool Flickr© life-style. Are more pixels really the path to photo nirvana or are there hidden costs to this pixel orgy? …

Let’s See Some Skin

A few months ago I posted about the book Skin by Lee Varis. At that time I mentioned that I intended to purchase the book. I have since done so and I highly recommend this book. Even though some of the techniques in the book can now be done in other ways due to Photoshop CS4…

Adobe Fumbles with Photoshop CS4

Never before have I had such problems with Adobe. I pre-ordered my PhotoShop CS4 upgrade and was told that it would ship in a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks go by and no Photoshop.

I call Adobe and get a customer service rep whose accent was so thick I could barely communicate with him. I am told that my order is pending and will be shipping next week.

Next week goes by, no CS4. Call again, same situation. I can’t hardly understand the service rep,…

Want a Great Paper to Print On?

I love Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl Paper. The results on my Epson Stylus 2400 Ultrachrome inks is fabulous. Make sure you use the proper paper for pigment based ink. For pigment based ink like the Epson Ultrachrome inks you want to order the Smooth Pearl in the red packaging not the Classic Pearl in the black package, which is for dye based inks. Unless of course…